off wind, on beam reach, on the beam wind, out haul, to pinch, to plane, pole, port (side), port tack ,wind from port

Satellite, Inmarstat, Globalstar, Iridium, Jolle, Marine, Navy, Deck, Rumpf, Antifouling, Diesel, Block, Winsch, Fock, Fullbatten, Ruder, Signal, Marineparts, Furuno, Katadyn, Lewmar,Autoflug, Avon, PARE-BATTAGES

centreboard, centreboarder, check rope, clamcleat, cleat, cleat, to cleat, close reach, close-hauled, cockpit, to come about, to come alongside a pier , to come up, companionway, constant bearing, course, course made good , course over the ground (COG),
Wilfried Erdmann
Wilfried Erdmann is Germany's only single-handed non-stop circumnavigator both east-west direction as alone against the wind in east-west direction. Here he talks about his journeys.
Akkuwächter,Batteriewächter, Tide, Barometer, Kompass, Navigation, Karten, Batterie, Ladegeräht, Windgenerator, Solarzelle
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