off wind, on beam reach, on the beam wind, out haul, to pinch, to plane, pole, port (side), port tack ,wind from port

centreboard, centreboarder, check rope, clamcleat, cleat, cleat, to cleat, close reach, close-hauled, cockpit, to come about, to come alongside a pier , to come up, companionway, constant bearing, course, course made good , course over the ground (COG),
GFK, Keflar, Kunststoff, Osmose, Tiefgang, Katamaran, Trimeran, Radarreflektor, Weltumseglung, Peilscheibe, Goretex, Hochsee, GFK-Yacht, Interphase, Simrad, Plastimo, Jeantex,Spannungswandler,guindeauHoek Design
Founded in 1986 by Andre Hoek, Hoek Design is one of the world’s leading offices for yacht design, naval architecture and engineering today. Based at the heart of the Dutch yacht building industry, it offers a comprehensive range of styles, from truly classic to ultra-modern.

Compass, Compasses, Kompass, Kompasse, Sextant, Sextants, Sextanten, Binnacles, Binnacle, Ferngläser, Fernglas, Binoculars, Binocular, Clocks, Clock, Uhren, Uhr, Annexe, Yole, Chantier naval,shipchandlerWorking Sail
Traditional boat builders and designers of classic wooden pilot cutters, with excellent seaworthiness and good sailing performance.

Chronometer, Chronometers, Barometer, Barometers, Anemometer, Anemometers, Nautical Inventory, Nautisches Inventar, Gittermast, Regatta, ARC, Atlantic Rally, Offshore, Seesack, AccastillagePlasmor
Manufacturer of sea kayaks, small transportable sailboats of 8 m